The Grey with Liam Neeson – Save your money

Unless you can stream it for free on Netflix or borrow it from a friend, don’t waste your money watching this movie.  IT will be 2 hours of your life that you will never get back, and you’ll wish you could.

The movie starts off well enough and quickly gets into the air with the plane you know is destined to crash in a frozen wasteland, leaving Neeson’s character John Ottway and a few others stranded.  By the name and previews you know it’s only a matter of time before the wolves attack and it doesn’t take much time for the action to start and blood to spill.

Roger Ebert said “When they attack, it’s not personal. They’ve spent untold millennia learning how to survive…”  Obviously he didn’t watch the same movie as I did.  The wolves stray from their nature and start killing for sport.  They don’t eat their victims, they simply kill the crash survivors and leave the bodies on display.  This unrealistic behavior sets the preface for the rest of the movie, wolves that follow the survivors and systematically kill them one by one.  Led the “The Grey” the wolves follow their prey as they try and escape the frozen wilderness and make it bake to safety.

As the group of men dwindles and their situation becomes worse, the wolves follow with patience and continue to pick off the survivors until only two remain.

To this point we could have believed the story, if the wolves had been made out to be hungry predators bent on survival and attacking humans out of necessity.  Instead, were made to believe the wolves have continued to track the group only to do battle with the human leader, Ottway.

After preparing fro the battle by strapping broken bottles to his hands, Ottway is ready to face his destiny, whatever that may be.  On the brink of suicide before boarding the plane he is now ready to fight for his life.  Encircled by wolves, they all mysteriously back away, the The Grey Enters center stage.  Now you’ve sat through almost two hours to find out what happens at the end.

Will he defeat The Grey?  Will he live?  Will he die?  If he lives, will he make it out of the wilderness?

Ottway and the wolf charge.

Roll credits!

Am I missing something?  Did someone forget to include the last five minutes?  Is this a joke?

If I wanted to use my imagination, I’d stay at home and write my own damn stories.  I don’t pay $10 to make up my own mind.  I go to the movie to find out the ending.  With The Grey, you make up your own ending.

My advice  – Stay home the next time Joe Carnahan is directing a film.  Just imagine what the movie will be like.  Imagine how it will end.

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